Cyber Security

Endpoint Detection & Response (Anti-Virus)

Tailored Endpoint Detection and Response solutions, expertly designed to safeguard your business endpoints from malicious software.

  • Market-leading security software to protect your business endpoints
  • Monthly executive report – providing an insight to your security
  • Customisable software to suit your businesses applications

Cyber Security Auditing

Business-grade cybersecurity audits to identify vulnerabilities in your system, enabling us to design robust defence solutions tailored to your business.

  • On-site and cloud based security audits
  • Professional security auditors, expertly trained to identify business risk
  • Audits designed to prepare for security certifications (GAP Testing)

Cyber Certifications

We offer a range of Information Security certifications to demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity and the protection of your customers’ data.

  • GAP Testing to ensure your business is ready for the certifications
  • Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials plus, Cyber Assurance, and Cyber Assurance Level 2
  • Dedicated Cyber Security experts

Cloud & Email Security

Custom-designed email and cloud defence solutions to protect your Microsoft 365 and G-Suite. Our services block phishing, malware, and dangerous files, ensuring your organisation stays secure.

  • Blocking 99% of phishing emails, giving your business confidence online
  • Access to a Cyber Security expert when you’re unsure
  • AI Technology designed to keep ahead of the threat curve

Staff Security Awareness Training

A significant portion of cybersecurity threats originate from within an organisation, often from something as simple as clicking on a phishing email. Thorough training for your staff to identify, report, and eradicate these threats is crucial for your organisation’s survival.

  • Small group or team training – ensuring your operations remaining running
  • Quarterly, Bi-annually, or annually making sure existing and new employees remain trained to the highest standard
  • Access to training resources to improve business security awareness

Data Protection Officer

Every business handles data, but do you have the right policies to protect it? At Tomlinson Solutions, our experienced Data Protection Officers are experts in business policy and data protection, ensuring your business is thoroughly safeguarded.

  • GDPR and Data Protection specialists making sure your policies are not just templates, but are meaningful to your data practises.
  • Assisting with Information Commissioners Office queries.
  • End-user data training and high-level GDPR training to ensure your customers data is being dealt with in the correct manner.

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